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Agnes Whalan 

In the realms of the audible, how to we communicate our models of success?

What is the spectrum of expectations that are placed on us in order to win the trophy?

If the trophy signifies ones unlocked potential being attained, what frequencies urge us towards that ideal; the tones, tempos & timbres?

Radio is the primary sound occupying Glenroy Sports and Trophies, narrating the rows and rows of silver, bronze. gold. In HI AUDIBILITY, the participant receives a sonic award system, much like a trophy.

Participants have an opportunity to reposition the messages we receive, which construct singular ideals of success. They examine sports commentary, shock jocks and advertising, by modifying sounds in an investigative boxing match. It will even be announced on the radio.




Boxing gloves covered in cotton wool, latex, and metal pieces, are connected by yellow chains which the participant can put on. There is an image on a hanging piece of fabric with a boxing bag on it, and some pieces of metal attached to the surface. If they connect the pieces of metal on the gloves to those on the fabric, they are able to make sounds, in the same logic as operating keys on a keyboard. The sounds are amplified through a radio. These sounds will be changing during the duration of the installed period.